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[Introduction:the subject]
Hearing the dialogues in the Gundam,many fans cannot help but get excited.There are a thousand kinds of affection in a thousand fans'eyes.I don’t mean to make a fuss,butif you ask the fans what the most classic Gundam works are,you sure will get very different answers,and they will even fight to defend their favorite Gundams.That’s how deep their love for Gundams is!
No matter which Gundam they love the most,they will give you the same answer to one question:IsGundam SEED a popularized and classic Gundam work?The answersare definitely YES!
Gundam SEEDis known as one of the New-Century Gundam works,and its director is Mitsuo Fukuda,an admirer of Yoshiyuki Tomino.This work inherits the idol theme developed by Gundam W,and focuses more on delicateemotions of the main characters,fascinating a large amount of audiences.
After this animation won the popularity,many Gundams such as the Assault Gundam,the Aegis Gundam,the Freedom Gundam,the Justice Gundam came out and became trendy among the fans.The models of theseGundam figures also became popular.But one thing is very troublesomefor fans in mainland China.If you want to collect up these models,you can only getthemfrom Japan,which is unaffordable for many student fans.
[Promotion of the facility]
Here,great newsis coming!
前方高能提醒!一大批高达正在向你靠近!漫画和动画中的高达,即将来到你身边!8月,中国内地首个高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)即将在上海陆家嘴正大广场5楼开业。
Attention!Enormous Gundams are approaching!Gundams existing in comics and animations are materializing and coming to China!The first GUNDAM BASE in Mainland China will open in August on the 5th floor of Super Brand Mall in Shanghai.
Go to Japan to buy the official Gundam models?Forget it!You can now get it here in Shanghai!Moreover,there is only one official Gundam model complex this size in Japan,and that complex is located in Odaiba,Tokyo.The new Gundam Base willenable you feel its infinite charm from the very beginning,here at home!
The charm of the GUNDAM BASE is that you can see,touch,and experience the Gundam world.
In the GUNDAM BASE you can enjoy various mobile warriors,drivers,and memorable scenes.
It used to be very difficult to buy the model.Now you just get out of your house and buy the model in the base before you start assembling it in no time.
[Recommendation of limited version]
万代,Good Job and God Job!!并没有把邻国的忠实粉丝们忘记!多款日本原装高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)限定商品在店销售,中国内地范围,只有在这里才能买到哦。
BANDAI,Good Job and God Job!It hasn't forgotten its loyal fans in neighboring countries!Here we have a variety of limited version of original GUNDAM BASE products,which can only be bought here in mainland China.
BANDAI's limited version-the transparent version-can only be bought in Gundam Base(multi-color transparent version).Don't miss out!Unlike the normal coloring version,you can see its mechanical interior via the transparent armor of the limited version!In addition,the body itself also retains considerable mobility.It is the worth-buying product for both display&fun.
Transparent crystal parts,revealing its special texture
GUNDAM BASE limited version base,unfolding the powerful postures
Various fightingpostures
Reference price:2,016 yen(tax included)
Applicable to:over 8 years old
上海正大广场高达基地(GUNDAM BASE),在这里有登场任务、机动战士、各种高达作品、高达模型,高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)是中国所有高达粉丝聚集地!还可以买到网上买不到的限定产品,亲眼见到,身临其境地体验高达基地(GUNDAM BASE)所带来的魅力吧!
Here at the Gundam Base in Super Brand Mall in Shanghai,you can appreciate various Gundam works&models such as debut mission and mobile warriors.It is the gathering place for all fans in China!You can also buy limited versions that you can't even find online.Come and see it yourself,and experience its charm brought by GUNDAM BASE in real!